Unlock the knowledge inside your MS Teams channels

Your MS Teams channels are full with knowledge.

With Katie’s powerful synergy of artificial and natural intelligence, your team can transfer and retain knowledge more efficiently - no more answering the same questions, no more corporate brain drain, effective workplace collaboration.

How does Katie work inside a MS Teams channel?

Consider Katie as a human being who is eager to learn, but with a much better memory and never being impatient :-)

Install Katie MS Teams App and start asking questions

Create your own Katie MS Teams App

See overview https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/platform/concepts/build-and-test/teams-developer-portal

Create and configure "Azure Bot" resource


MS Teams Client (Katie MS Teams App installed)  <-->  Microsoft Azure Portal (Azure Bot)  <--> Katie (https://app.katie.qa/api/v1/microsoft/message)

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